Cloud Services

1. Application Development

  • Rabidly create and host engaging business applications using Application builder cloud services and Developer Cloud Service to enable hosted team development and delivery platform.
  • Mobile Cloud Service: Make mobile app development and integration quick, secure, and easy to deploy and develop mobile apps and intelligent chatbots, and connect to any back-end system.
  • Internet of Things Cloud Service to connect, analyze, and integrate device data into your business processes and apps.

2. Business Analytics

  • Analytics platform powering data-driven insights and decisions.
  • Big Data Cloud Service, The power of Hadoop and Spark in a secure, automated, high-performance service.
  • Business Intelligence Cloud Service allow creating a powerful business intelligence apps for workgroups and enterprise users.
  • Event Hub Cloud Service will give your organization the power of a managed, streaming-data platform integrated with Oracle Cloud.

3. Content and Experience Management

  • Drive omnichannel content management and accelerate experience delivery.

4. Enterprise Integration

  • Manage, monitor, and secure the entire API lifecycle through API Platform Cloud Service.
  • Empower application integration and orchestration using SOA Cloud Service.
  • Process Cloud Service provides Fast-track digital workforce automation with low code.

5. Security

  • Assess, score, and remediate violations using industry-standard benchmarks and custom rules.
  • Secure on-demand identity for modern applications through Identity Cloud Service.
  • Rapid detection, investigation, and remediation of threats, on premises and in the cloud.


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